At Tempus, we offer a variety of services to help individuals, athletes and teams reach peak physical performance. These services include executive personal training, group training, team consulting, and sports science.

  • Executive Personal Training -  Want to get in the best shape of your life while having fun and pushing yourself to your limit? Inquire about our Executive personal training where we use our tried and true methods that get the worlds best athletes into their best shape and apply them to you! This isn't your "Big Box Gym" personal training where someone counts your reps with a clip board. We challenge you and take you to your limit to get you your best results! 


  • Online Training and CoachingCan't make it to Tempus but want to use our principles that help shape some of the worlds best athletes? Have our team create a personal online plan that will get  your best body ever in 3 months! Whether you are preparing to look good for the beach, a wedding or just want to feel better and look your best, we will help!

    - Complete Nutrition plan and consulting with Costa and our team

    - Fitness assessment and exercise plan customized to your body type and goals

    - Unlimited consultation with Costa and our team through photos, measurements and journals to adjust your plans as you progress and keep you on the right track! 

    - Supplement advice

    - Stretching and flexibility plans to keep your joints and muscles healthy

    - Assessment and instruction of your lifting and exercise form through short videos and pictures                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Group Training - Nothing encourages results more then training and being pushed by your peers. Join one of our group sessions and see how you can take your sports specific fitness to the next level

  • Team Consulting - Our team of experts offers a range of consulting services, including providing training,  experts to teams, best practices and leading equipment for facilities looking to redesign or build out new training space.

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